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The process of building a new home seems overwhelming—where do we start?

It starts with you! Each customer has individual wants and needs. Headliner Homes will help you to find a lot, consult in the design of your home, or complete the production. We will strive to provide the optimal experience regardless of where you are in the building process.

Can our individual tastes be incorporated into the plan?

Headliner Homes is a full-custom builder and remodeler that constructs each project according to the preferences and specifications of the future homeowner. Many of our homes have similar features and amenities; however, customer individualism is always maintained. Every project is designed and built to keep up with the latest in new home ideas and trends in interior design and décor.

How long will it take from the beginning of construction to the completion of the project?

Typically, the estimated timeline to construct a home is 120–180 days. While extenuating circumstances, such as weather or change in production plans, may influence the original completion date, Headliner Homes has a reputation of providing and maintaining opportunities for homeowners to move in as originally scheduled.

How do we know construction is proceeding as promised and on budget?

Our subcontractors have been chosen for their integrity and reliability as well as their genuine concern for the customer. The homeowner will be given an estimated timeline at the start of production. However, if delays happen along the way, the homeowner will be informed of any delays and be updated on the new timeline. In addition, monthly financial updates are also provided to keep the homeowner informed on the budget.

How do we know what is included in a proposal from Headliner Homes?

Once a house plan has been approved and accepted by the homeowner, Ryan (our founder) will review an itemized spec sheet with the homeowner that details all amenities to be included in the finished house. Once the specifications are finalized, a copy of the plan goes to each individual subcontractor that will be working on the home. The subcontractors provide an accurate and detailed estimate of their portion of the production. This takes the guesswork out of final proposals!

What if we see details during the construction process that are not aligned with our vision?

Headliner Homes realizes that ideas on paper may differ from actual standing structures and customers’ visions. We strive to meet requests and revisions, provided it is not too late in the building process to compromise the homeowner’s satisfaction.

When can we visit the construction site to view the progress of our home?

Customers are encouraged to interact with the builder and subcontractors during construction and to visit the job site regularly. Being involved in the construction process allows the customer to see firsthand the skill and attention that go into every detail. Ryan is on the job site daily to monitor progress and make sure the project stays on schedule.

Will the home be clean when we move in?

Professional cleaning staff will clean the entire home from floor to ceiling and woodwork to walls. Nothing is left untouched—we even wash the basement and garage floors!

What warranties are offered after the home is complete, and whom do we call with warranty issues?

For the homeowner’s peace of mind, Headliner Homes provides a one-year warranty and comprehensive follow-up service. A comprehensive list of subcontractors and warranty information is provided when the project is complete.

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