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Professional Work Ethic

My wife and I were retirement age in 2010 when we started to seriously consider building a new home. At the time we had lived in our home for 33+ years having raised 3 children of our own and one foster son. After consulting our financial planner and reviewing our financial situation we decided that we would pursue our dreams. We started to attend the semi-annual "Parade of Homes" in the area. During that time we considered the various homes in our price range and asked a lot of questions of the builders. During that time one builder started to "stand out" from the others. That builder was Ryan of Headliner Homes. We had a lot of questions as we had never built a home before and were concerned about the many decisions etc. that accompanied building. In 2013 we decided to proceed and contacted Ryan for his assistance in drawling up plans for our "dream home". Based on our notes from viewing many parade homes we put together a list of items that we wanted to consider for our dream home. Ryan attended our first meeting with the architect as we reviewed our wish list. Within weeks we had final plans developed with only minor changes from our original wish list. Next came the construction period and the many decisions that have to be made during the project. Ryan was very patient with us knowing it was a new experience for us. He met with us whenever we asked and not only answered our questions but helped us to better understand the process. He provided a "time line" that provided an explanation for the various decision points along the way. These decisions involved the selection of appliances, windows, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc. Ryan was understanding and patient with us as we progressed through the construction process. Ryan was quick to follow up with any questions we had and made it a point to keep us informed on the progress. In March 2014 our home was completed. Thanks to Ryan's professional work ethic we found that he was very demanding of his contractors and wanted everything to be to our satisfaction. He was on-site daily and invited us to accompany him whenever possible. We are very thankful for such a beautiful home and would recommend Ryan to anyone that may be considering building a home. At our ages, we do not expect to build another home, but if we did we would not hesitate to hire Headliner Homes again.

December 18, 2015
Original Design Ideas

Building a home is a huge undertaking and Headliner Homes was able to help us tackle the challenge. From drafting and design all the way through construction, Ryan made himself available to guide us through the process. His hands-on approach really sets Headliner Homes apart from the crowd. Not only did Ryan and his team listen to our ideas, but they were able to help us put the ideas into a functional framework for what became our dream home. The attention to detail and original design ideas far exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend building with Ryan and his team.

December 11, 2017
Great Communication and Patience

We contracted with Headliner Homes to build our house. Ryan provided us with a reasonable budget, exceptional subcontractors and top quality materials. He orchestrated the build with great communication and patience. He worked through issues respectfully and in a timely manner. We recommend him highly.

January 10, 2018
Highly Skilled and Professional

We met Ryan at a Parade of Homes. We loved the creativity and design of the residence. Ryan and Katie (Interior Designer) work their magic in every way. Beginning with the design all the way through to moving into our home. They went with us to every appointment to help and guide us in selecting the massive amounts of items one needs to build a home. Ryan's vendors and subs are highly skilled and professional. Plus Ryan responds to questions in a very timely manner and works well with his clients. We were so happy to have Katie for our interior designer. Full of creative ideas that made our home unique and fun. We would highly recommend Headliner Homes and their Team.

Sue M.
December 2, 2018
Quality Construction and Attention to Detail

We have built a number of homes over the years, but our experience with Ryan and the Headliner Team was by far the best ever. From start to finish everyone was very responsive and considerate of our needs. Perhaps the best thing was the level of involvement Ryan encourages. The process was always exciting but never frustrating. Moreover, there were no surprises. Now that we are in the home, it clearly feels like ours, and the quality of construction and attention to detail are testament to the Headliner Team.

Gordon L.
December 11, 2018
We Couldn't Be More Pleased

Headliner homes has done two remodeling projects for us and we couldn't be more pleased. They built an addition/sunroom for us in 2006 and most recently finished our basement in 2018.

Ryan's level of professionalism and attention to details are second to none. He is not satisfied with the job until you are, and often times finds little things that may have gone unnoticed and strives to make them perfect. Both projects we had done were completed at or under budget.

Erik H.
December 18, 2018
Wllingness to Orchestrate a Complex Collaboration

Dream homes do not just happen. The process equally demands an inventive design, a skilled team of craftsmen, and a builder that believes in your vision as much as you do. The most critical decision in the entire process was, for us, also the easiest- selecting the right builder. Our project flourished under the careful guidance of Ryan Smith and the incredibly talented team at Headliner Homes.

Ryan’s attention to detail and open mindedness to incorporating unique features in our home was simply incredible. Our home featured several concepts that were amenities that Ryan had previously not constructed. In each case Ryan was open to our ideas and willing to review both conceptual and technical information. What was clearly evident during our meetings is that Ryan had done considerable research on his own.

One conversation that stands out in our minds started with a simple question from Ryan. “What did you say that thing was called- a Tulifreekenkivi?” Actually, the correct name is Tulikivi, but “Tulifreekenkivi” became Ryan’s pet name for the 7,000 pound custom masonry heater consisting of hundreds of pieces of imported Finnish soapstone. This feature grounds our entire home design and every time we look upon it or feel the warm, soothing, radiant heat we are reminded of Ryan’s skill and willingness to orchestrate a complex collaboration between multiple vendors, engineers, and subcontractors to make this part of our dream a reality.

The most important feature we envisioned was that our home would be a gathering place where we would cook, laugh, and share with loved ones.

Steven T.
December 24, 2018

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